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Busy Courseware

BUSY is an integrated business management software that covers Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Billing, Statutory Reports and MIS. It is one of the leading enterprise software in India with over 90,000 installations (over 6 Lac Users) worldwide. The number of users is growing fast with thousands of users adding to the list every month.

As the user base of BUSY is growing, the demand for trained operators is also growing proportionately. In order to meet this demand, BUSY INFOTECH has worked out a plan, under which it is associating with accounts training institutes to teach BUSY as part of their curriculum. Such institutes are certified as Authorized Training Centre (ATC) of BUSY.

In order to ensure the quality and uniformity of teaching across all ATCs, BUSY INFOTECH has developed a standard course material, called BUSY Courseware, which is to be followed by all ATCs for teaching BUSY - a copy of which is in your hands now.

BUSY Courseware has been divided into five Modules and each Module contains various Units. Some of the common characteristics of each Module and Unit are:
Each Unit begins with Objective that informs students of what to expect from the Unit and the topics that will be covered in the Unit.
Liberal use of figures and screenshots to ensure better understanding of the content.
Use of real time examples, so that the students can easily correlate with the topics.
Quick Review and a small Exercise at the end of each Unit.

The courseware will have two editions. The one, which is in your hands right now, is the Basic Edition of Courseware. It is intended to provide the working knowledge of BUSY that includes entering all kinds of transactions, creating masters, generating reports and managing data. Very soon, we will have the Advanced Edition of Courseware that will cover all the advanced features of BUSY.

Before we end, we would like to thank all those who have helped us come out with this courseware including our colleagues, channel partners, faculty of existing ATCs and the students. We would also like to offer our best wishes to the students for their career and life. We also hope that this courseware meets the expectations of all stakeholders including the students, faculty and the institutes.
We apologize for any omissions or mistakes that might have escaped our attention, and solicit your suggestions and feedbacks on how to make this courseware more useful.

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